What Are The Common Features Of Rolex Replica And Patek Philippe Replica Watches?

1. Historical continuity

A century-old brand, can be called a century-old brand of products, it must have its heritage, and Patek Philippe replica watches and Rolex watches can be regarded as a brand that has been passed down for centuries, and there are not many in the watch industry.

Interrupted brands, although they may not be the earliest brands, their history is complete, which is a considerable challenge for any brand. In a little bit of this kind of continuation, the brand can give customers more trust, indicating that the brand is very mature and capable of coping with any crisis and challenge.

2, independence

Therefore, top watch brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, which have never been acquired by any crisis and challenge group, are particularly rare, and such brands tend to be particularly rich in family business culture.

What Are The Common Features Of Rolex Replica And Patek Philippe Replica Watches
What Are The Common Features Of Rolex Replica And Patek Philippe Replica Watches

3. Value preservation

Speaking of the commonality of Rolex replica and Patek Philippe replica watches, I believe that lot people like me, that comes to mind is that they all have excellent preservation and are recognized as the two valuable watch brands.

Patek Philippe and Rolex is the only watch brand that can be used as a hard currency in casinos. Rolex is not known as a hard currency in the casino, but some of its watches have high value, the most typical is the green water ghost, Panda Di, in the second-hand market to be overpriced.

Not to mention Rolex’s antique watch, this year, the 140 million Paul Newman Dituna has not been forgotten?

4. King

Rolex and Patek Philippe are kings, Patek Philippe understands well, is a veritable king, but why is Rolex the king watch?

We all know that unlike Patek Philippe watch, which is sophisticated in its complex processes, the Rolex watch does not do complex functions, but strives to achieve the ultimate in precision and “three-proof” (waterproof, anti-magnetic and shockproof). The direction of continuous efforts is precisely the opposite of Patek Philippe, but in the essential functions of precision and “three-proof” (waterproof, anti-magnetic and shockproof), so that it is excellent in the total number of watches of all brands certified by the Swiss Observatory every year. Almost half of them are Rolex products, and now they have released a top-level observatory certification, great structure but also innovated continuously in the details of the movement so that Rolex still maintains the most waterproof record (about 12,000 meters).

And Patek Philippe, a custom-made Patek Philippe imprint, can reflect the confidence of King. If anything else, Patek Philippe seals the king in elaborate craftsmanship, and Rolex dominates the essential functions.


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There are a number of reasons why a Patek such as this, for example, is always the leading industry of technological innovation, superb craftsmanship and rare production, a long history and the only independent form of identity, and of course, high prices, like its advertising language(You never truly own a Patek Philippe, you merely look After it for the next generation. No one can really have Patek Philippe, just for the next generation of custody. ) But you can truly have Fake Watches ,the Patek Philippe Fake  which will not let you upset.

Is not a catchy routine, can remember the meaning is good, but this is exactly what Patek Philippe want to convey to you, some things can be understood and unspeakable, can do not say. and the most important thing is its brand characteristics – calm and low-key, in addition to the watch itself, it does not have a lot of legends, what kind of car, plane, diving, horse racing, celebrity spokesperson Ah is a cloud, in the past it focused on the watch, 181 years later it is still only focused on the wrist watch, it cherish feathers to the extreme, even stores are absolutely private. Compared with other brands Patek Philippe mysterious low-key, it is good at the wrist watch, so if you want to buy a good wrist watch, or, you are really moved by its advertising language, hoping to have a family heirloom, then recommend to you, in fact, it’s entry-level is really not as unattainable as you think.

aquanaut Luce Lady watch 5067A mist Blue. Recommend this aquanaut Luce 5067A. This Lady Watch series is launched in the year, the response has been good, quartz movement, with calendar window function, waterproof meter, strap is waterproof material, with aquanaut embossed pattern, Therefore, the whole design is very sporty, suitable for the current urban women, this is the latest haze blue, color is particularly estimated to meet the impact of color, The dial inlay a perfect cut of the top Wisalton diamond, to and “Luce” the meaning of the Italian light, Another table with a very convenient folding clasp, the table buckle on the Patek of the cross star Logo.

The Gondolo series is a collection of Patek all Non-circular watches, the4972G is a pillow-type wrist watch, flowing lines with Art Deco style features of the last century ( that era is also a hundred Patek masterpiece bursting era ), from the modelling on the different, very in line with elegant lady temperament, is also the quartz movement, the case inlaid 130 diamonds, the total weight of about 1.8 carat, the dial is the mother of pearl shell carvings lines, even the crown is inlaid with diamonds. The first two are quartz movement, but the Patek in fact the main complex functional wrist watch, the classic is mostly mechanical watches, if you are not only Love Yan value of the students, then the entry level recommended you this Golden Ellipse 5738R, automatic winding movement, this table super thin, Very suitable for girls wear, is also the first to carry the Caliber -slim movement of the wrist watch,5738 is also this year’s new, in order to commemorate the Golden Ellipse series 50 anniversary of the introduction of the special section.

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 The middle also compares the black-faced, still think the white flour suits me more. And with the extra lantern buckle, I think it’s perfect! It took two weeks, and the accuracy was about 2 seconds faster than the Royal Oak. Shortcomings, is to adjust the time can not be stopwatches, on the chain of sound does not listen to their own power error is not enough. At this point, the mind of the most beautiful 5 million has been received.

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In 2014,Philippe Replica released the DEEPSEA wristwatch in honor of the famous director and diver, Cameron, who successfully reached the deepest challenger deep in the mariana trench in 2012. The depth of his expedition, which reached 10,908 meters, broke the world record, and went diving with the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER watch, which was specially built by Philippe Replica, with a waterproof depth of 12,000 meters. This feat into the history of the deep-sea diving expedition, Philippe Replica watch of wrist of 116660 type DEEPSEA also USES the gradient black dial is very interesting, to say from the shallow to the deep sea again the process of completely dark deep trench, in memory of the process.

This is nothing different from the Philippe Replica in the earlier all-black dish, but it’s just a change of dial design, but it’s definitely more fashionable and young and more popular.