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People who need a watch to pay attention time should be equipped with replica watches, which bring your life more efficiency. Why would a stewardess wear a imitation Patek-Philippe? In fact, it’s a simple question. Every company will stipulate that the flight attendants must wear the watch to emphasize that every company is required every time. And there must be a full scale, with three pointers, which means there must be a second hand. No why, when an emergency needs to be forced to crash, the crew chief is required to take the watch to the cockpit and the captain on the table, and then go to the cabin and other attendants on the table. In case of emergency, the opening of a series of actions is accurate to 15 seconds, which requires a watch to be timed. In addition, the use time of the oxygen mask is limited if the aircraft release pressure is encountered.

Therefore, as a qualified flight attendant must have a good quality watch, which is not only responsible for the work, but also for the safety of the lives of passengers.It’s extremely important for people who are always occupied in career to own one delicate watch such asPatek-Philippe replica which in a way remind you off what the time it is now. As a best imitation Patek-Philippe, it can no more than display it art traits but expand your charm in its special way.

Before introducing the knowledge of watches, we recommend you ourreplica watches People who need a watch to pay attention time should be equipped with thisPatek-Philippe replica, which bring your life more efficiency, is it true to use a watch to tell the direction? What is the principle? This is because the Earth rotates 360 degrees a day, and the hour clock rotates 720 °, that is, the earth rotates every hour 15 °, and the hour clock rotates 30 °. The Sun Don sheng West (actually south-east, but we assume that six o’clock in the morning the sun is in the east, so that we can mark the Six O’clock direction (the direction of the scale) is east, then nine o’clock 12 o’clock and three o’clock in turn is south, west, north, at this point, the direction of the six o’clock point to the sun (remember this).

The angle at which the hour moves forward from six o’clock is twice times that of the sun’s actual turning angle (as referenced by the Observer on Earth), in other words, the direction of the sun and the east of the angle in fact only turn the six o’clock direction and the half hour angle, then with the six o’clock direction plus this angle of half the direction is east. With the east, clockwise direction of rotation 90° to the south. Interested students can take a stroke, the saying is not the same, the actual principle is the same, the southern hemisphere’s approach is to turn the 12-point scale to the direction of the sun, the 12-point scale and the angle between the center of the centerline of the direction is South, and in this way, can be based on the Sun’s location time (need to refer to the northern needle) By pointing north, the direction of the sun is divided by 15. Of course, … Not very accurate. Having learn this passage, don’t forget to have a look for our replica watches. This imitation Patek-Philippe not only show your best performance and help build up your confidence.